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  • Data Reinforcement and Categorization
  • Natural Language Processing
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We, being an Artificial Intelligence development company in the USA are working on the most grueling problems faced by businesses, brands, and organizations. We solve your business problems by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. No matter at what stage your business is at. We understand your business needs and provide you the solutions that hit the bull's eye. We support you in your entire business process and pinpoint the areas where you need improvement and implement the true Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Machine Learning

Audio and Video Recognition

Webtunix platforms are powered with the speech-to-text transcription system and audio categorization services backed by machine learning models. Our image classification models go from simple image classification to labeling semantic segmentation.
Deep Learning

Video Object Tracking

We provide video annotation solutions that combine the machine learning and training data generated by humans to track the object in the videos that are 100 times faster than the manual video object training.
Artificial Intelligence

Human and Computer Vision

Building a computer vision solution with Webtunix is a no-brainer. Whatever your industry needs, we have the solution for you. Our human and computer vision platforms offer image classification, object detection, object tagging, semantic segmentation, video object tracking and more.
Web Scraping

Data Reinforcement and Categorization

Our exclusive human in the loop data reinforcement platform is highly customizable and flexible. Some of our most popular data categorization jobs are business data collection, product categorization, text extraction from PDF, content moderation and deduplication of data.
Data Cleaning

Natural Language Processing

We are unbeatable when it comes to annotating millions of pieces of text. Our human-in- the-loop machine learning platform is the key behind our powerful solution. We can validate and create text data for a wide range of domains in all the major languages.

Featured Industry Solutions

Webtunix is available to anyone no matter what business you are in. Some of the industries we have worked on:



We offer artificial intelligence based solutions for hospitals and clinics. Health monitoring, medication management, digital consultation are to name a few.



Our service offering also includes the financial sector. Our offerings include personalized financial services and automation.



Solutions like product recommender system, computer vision apparel recommendation systems and data analytics are a few examples.



In the sports domain our services include sports result prediction and betting odd prediction for NBA, NHL, and tennis.

Stock Market

Stock Market

Our deep learning platforms are able to forecast the stock market fluctuations with high precision.



Our platform supports behavioral premium pricing, automated peer to peer insurance and improved customer experience.

Product Highlights

What we can do for you?

  • Business Intelligence Services We help to solve the key metrics of your specific industry and product and design the specific methods to get a better insight into the customer and competitor to give your business the upper hand.
  • Cost-CuttingArtificial intelligence and machine learning products like chatbots and process automatiocan be used to increase sales and revenue. It can also help the business in cost-cutting and increasing the efficiency of the business processes.
  • Tailored AlgorithmWe can provide you with a tailored machine learning algorithm based on your company data. This means that you get the most customizes and data-driven solution to your business.
  • Accounting and FinanceWe can help businesses in accounting and finance. Artificial intelligence can solve business-related problems in accounting and finance. We create the AI systems that can glide your business through artificial intelligence services.
  • Research-Based WorkOur methods are based on the deep brainstorming, thorough research work with the tested models and strategies and the domain knowledge which are compliance with the operations. Our team is comprised of seasoned developers, data scientists, and Mathematicians.


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